• Due to the influence of cross coupling capacitance, switching of the signal from one net (aggressor) to the neighboring net (victim). This is known as crosstalk.
  • During the transition on adjacent signal (aggressor net) causes a noise bump/glitch on constant signal (victim net). This noise is called as crosstalk noise.
Solution for crosstalk
  • Double Spacing : Increase the spacing between the aggressor net and victim net, so that the cross coupling capacitance decreases as spacing increases and thereby reduces the effect of crosstalk.
  • Shielding : Placing a ground net (Vss) in between the aggressor net and victim net so that the voltage will discharge through this and save from crosstalk issue.
  • Buffer Insertion : Insertion of buffers will boost the strength of the victim net and thereby reduce the effect of crosstalk.



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