Design Setup / Import Design

The design cycle of VLSI chips consists of different consecutive steps from high-level synthesis (functional design) to production (packaging). Physical design is the process of transforming netlist into layout which is manufacture-able (GDS). Physical design process is often referred as PnR (Place and Route) or APR (Automatic Place & Route). 

Main Steps in Physical Design are,
  1. Design setup or Import design
  2. Floorplan
  3. Placement
  4. Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS)
  5. Routing
  6. Sign Off
Design setup or import design is the initial step in Physical Design. The first step in the design setup is to create a design library. This is done by creating a user defined name and specifying the technology file and the physical reference libraries which contains the reference for layout cells, macros and IO pad cells.
In other words, design library is a database structure created by the user which will contain all associated input data eventually required for floorplan, placement, CTS, routing etc. and also contains the physical layout of the cells.
Following are the inputs needed for Physical Design.
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