E-Book : Static Timing Analysis Interview Questions

If you can spare half an hour, then we guarantee success at your next STA interview. Do you want to secure at least 3 to 4 job offers by succeeding at all the phone and on-site Job interviews for this position? Or you simply want an answer to the most frequently asked interview questions for STA?

Did you know that people who made targeted question-answer preparation for job interviews are 4 times more likely to get a job offer than those who don't? Did you also know that there is a set of questions that is likely to be repeatedly asked by interviewers across the industry, no matter who you talk with?

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How valuable would be to get hold of that set of questions? You see, you already have an upper hand in your job search, as you have been doing research about interviews and about what kind of questions are asked in interviews. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was not so lucky my friend. When I started doing interviews, I was not feeling much confident during interviews and I was getting cornered by some of the questions that were asked to me. I kept getting turned down.

The old job was extremely boring and a new job had to be found, there was no choice. I started thinking more and more as to why I was failing? What was wrong with me? The failure was very much unlike me.

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I was always a top brass performer at my previous job and I did extremely well at school. I started thinking back as to what was going on. It did not take too long to realize that I wasn't prepared well and Was Getting Taken Aback By Surprising Questions.

Imagine what difference it makes when you're faced with something you knew and have practiced!! I started doing research, first I collected all the questions that were asked to me, then I scoured the libraries and books and found all-important questions relevant to the field and I got answers to all those questions.

Later I asked all my friends and all my colleagues in the industry, who themselves were interviewers, for frequently asked questions and found out definitive answers to all those questions. That's how I came up with the set of questions and answers that you'll find here.

By then I had already secured exactly the type of job I was looking for. I gave this set of questions to my friends who were searching for jobs, and all of them found it extremely useful. They recommended that I make this available to the general public, that's when I decided to make it available here. And now you can get full access to the same set of questions with answers.

But what about the questions that are available on the Internet for free? Why should I pay for it? Well my friend, would you leave something as important as a job interview to the chance? In such a bad economy? I agree it’s possible to find some good information for free on the Internet.

But most of the information on the Internet is scattered, unorganized, outdated and not structured to be of value to someone like you. At times it could be outright wrong!! You’ve to make sure you get your information from a trusted, proven, and very serious resource with 15 years of industry experience.

You get very carefully chosen 60 of the most important, most likely to be asked questions with illustrated answered when it comes to interviewing in the field of static timing analysis. Knowing the answers to these questions will ensure that you get the job offer from your next interview. The book comes with 100% money-back guarantee.

Sample questions:

  1. How does STA handle cross clock domains?
  2. How does lockup latch help with hold violation?
  3. Show with the waveforms that hold violation is freq. independent.
  4. What is OCV? Explain in full detail what all are the sources of variation?
  5. How do you come up with max timing equation?
  6. What is the crosstalk glitch and how do you fix it?
  7. What is CRPR?

ORDER NOW: https://amzn.to/2IKcpbz

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