Digital Electronics Interview Questions

  1. What Is Difference Between Latch And Flip-flop?
  2. Given Only Two Xor Gates One Must Function As Buffer And Another As Inverter?
  3. Difference Between Mealy And Moore State Machine?
  4. Tell Some Of Applications Of Buffer?
  5. Give Two Ways Of Converting A Two Input Nand Gate To An Inverter?
  6. Design A Four-input Nand Gate Using Only Two-input Nand Gates.
  7. Differences Between D-latch And D Flip-flop?
  8. What Is A Multiplexer?
  9. What Are Set Up Time & Hold Time Constraints? What Do They Signify? Which One Is Critical For Estimating Maximum Clock Frequency Of A Circuit?
  10. How Can You Convert An Sr Flip-flop To A Jk Flip-flop?
  11. How Can You Convert The Jk Flip-flop To A D Flip-flop?
  12. How Do You Detect If Two 8-bit Signals Are Same?
  13. Design All The Gates (not, And, Or, Nand, Nor, Xor, Xnor) Using 2:1 Multiplexer?
  14. Design A Circuit That Calculates The Square Of A Number?
  15. What Is Race-around Problem? How Can You Rectify It?
  16. How Will You Implement A Full Subtractor From A Full Adder?
  17. What Is Difference Between Setup And Hold Time.Is It Possible To Reduce Clock Skew To Zero? Explain Your Answer?
  18. Difference Between Synchronous And Asynchronous Reset?


  1. why D FF used in vlsi instead of other ff?
    please give the ans.

  2. where can i get all the answer