CMOS Interview Questions

  1. What is CMOS technology?
  2. Why does the present VLSI circuits use FET instead of BJTs?
  3. Discuss the steps in CMOS fabrication technology?
  4. Define Threshold voltage in CMOS?
  5. What is Latch-up?
  6. What are the different regions of operation of MOSFET? How are those regions used?
  7. What does it mean the channel is pinched off?
  8. What are the different MOS layers?
  9. Explain transmission gate?
  10. What is Channel length modulation?
  11. Why is NAND gate is preferred over NOR gate for fabrication?
  12. What is Noise Margin?
  13. Explain sizing of the inverter?
  14. What are Dynamic gates?
  15. What are the different types of oxidation?
  16. What are the four generations of integrated circuits?
  17. When the channel is said to be pinched off?
  18. Give the different types of CMOS process?
  19. What are the steps involved in twin tub process?
  20. What is BiCMOS technology?
  21. What are the different operating modes for an MOS transistor?
  22. What happens to delay if you increase the load capacitance?
  23. What happens to delay if we include a resistance at the output of a circuit?
  24. What are the limitations in increasing the power supply to reduce delay?
  25. How does the resistance of the metal lines vary with increasing thickness and increasing length?
  26. In CMOS logic, give the various techniques to minimize the power consumption?
  27. What is charge sharing?
  28. Draw 2 to 1 Mux using transmission gate?
  29. What is Body Effect?
  30. Give various factors on which threshold voltage depends?
  31. Give the cross sectional view of CMOS?
  32. Why is the substrate in NMOS connected to GND and in PMOS to VDD?
  33. What is the difference between BJT and MOSFET?
  34. What are the different types of Power dissipation?
  35. What is metastability and what are the ways to avoid this?
  36. On what factors does the resistance of metal depends?
  37. What is the difference in sizing PMOS and NMOS in case of CMOS design and transmission gates?
  38. Give the expression for CMOS switching power dissipation?
  39. Which transistor has higher gain? BJT or MOSFET?

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