Synopsys is hiring VLSI Freshers

Intern (Technical-Engineering)

Job Description.
  • Responsible to work in the areas of Memory Compiler, Logic Libraries and STAR Memory System (SMS). May be involved in implementing detailed customer installation requirements. Ensures that client’s needs have been met and that the product/solution is fully functioning according to specification.
  • Has an overall understanding of the design process. Strong communication skills are required. Is proficient with UNIX, HDL (Verilog/VHDL) and has good understanding of ASIC design flow. Knowledge of competitive EDA tool products and product knowledge in any of the areas of Synthesis, Simulation, Verification, Place and Route, Design Reuse and/or Physical Design is preferred. 
  • Ideal candidate will have a degree in Electronics Engineering/VLSI, or related discipline or experience. Experience with IC circuit design is preferred. This includes front-end design (Synthesis, DFT) and back-end design (place and route, physical verification).



1.) Product Support - Interface with customers, Synopsys Application Engineers, and engineering staff to ensure a timely response to customer issues. Primary mode of communication will be through email or telephone.

2.) Proactive Support - Write and maintain application notes, FAQ's, training materials, and other support material, providing customers easy access to application information.

3.) Support Tools - Interface directly with SolvNet and the Engineering Database to document and track a resolution to customer issues.

Candidate must be pro-active and assertive, and have excellent multitasking and organizational skills, along with written and verbal English communication skills. Candidate must demonstrate a pleasant personality, which is compatible to customer interaction, while having technical skills that will ensure final closure to customer issues. Also, must be a team player when interfacing with engineers and other Application Engineers.


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