Placement Interview Questions

  1. Define placement in physical design?
  2. What are the goals of Placement?
  3. What are the things to be checked before placement stage?
  4. What is Congestion?
  5. Discuss the congestion reduction techniques in detail?
  6. Discuss the Power Optimization techniques?
  7. How to qualify the Placement stage?
  8. What is the purpose of Lockup Latch in scan chain?
  9. Explain Short circuit current?
  10. How is clock gating done?
  11. How do you reduce standby (leakage) power?
  12. What are the power dissipation components? How do you reduce them?
  13. How do you optimize power at various stages in the physical design flow?
  14. What are the process technology challenges in the physical design?
  15. What is Scan chain and why this is required in design?
  16. What is tile?
  17. What is Virtual clock and why it is required?
  18. What is Scan chain reordering?
  19. What are the techniques to save area and explain its importance?
  20. What is Lockup latch in scan chain and why this is required?


  1. Could you please post answers to the questions..

  2. could u please share the answers for all the above questions

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